Where inner and outer landscapes merge.

 Dates and sessions as follows:

(Please note that advanced dates are proposed dates only, confirmations will be made closer)

Instinctive art relates to art as our natural impulse, innate in us since birth. I believe that to create is our most primal instinct. You only need to watch a child who has just learnt how to hold a pencil or crayon and see how they draw with absolute spontaneity, no thinking, no planning – just creating!



* Either beginner or experienced artists.

* Wanting to explore the natural world creatively.

* Seeking new ways to express through art.

* Wanting to approach creative work as soul work.

* Wanting to explore mixed media applications.

* Seeking to connect with their creative self.

* Wanting to express and get creative in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

* Desiring to connect with their inner world and translate it creatively.

An instinctive, mixed media, process based painting method informed by a close observation of the natural world and of your inner, dream world. Through the merging of these two worlds on canvas a SOULSCAPE ™ is created. 

I chose to call Soulscape an Instinctive process as I have found that as I have deepened my artistic practice, not only has it become more and more visceral in that the images I create arise from strong emotion rather than logic or reason, but they are essentially spontaneous and impromptu; born from natural, instinctive creative impulses. I seldom have a plan or even know what it is going to happen on the canvas. Not unlike intuitive methods, it is a process whereby the canvas often informs the artist; the story unfolding layer by layer, mark by mark. 

Soulscape however, aims to assist you in creating images that come from developing a deep, intimate relationship with both inner and outer worlds. Soulscape is where earth connection meets creative expression;  ​it is a visual recognition of the interconnectedness of ALL life.




Through a series of instinctive observations and explorations you will bring inner and outer worlds together on the canvas to create a SOULSCAPE ™

"Jassy’s soulscapes awaken an ancient memory of the sacred relationship between human and nature."

Included in these workshops and term sessions:

 Basic instruction on the elements & principles of design.

* Basic instruction in working with mixed mediums such as stencilling &  glazing.

* You will be invited to journey inward so that you may access and explore your dream world.

* New ways to ‘see’ and tools to express yourself uniquely.

* Most materials are included – a list of requirements will be sent upon registration.

* Tuition with Artist Jassy at Earth Circle Studios, Innes Park, Queensland.

* An invitation to include completed works in the end of year Art Gala.


The INTENTION of SOULSCAPE ™ is for you to:

 * Explore and observe the natural world creatively.

* Journey inward and investigate your dream world.

* Ignite your imagination.

* Recognise art and design element basics.

* Explore mixed media applications.

* Discover unique ways of expressing yourself creatively through a   process of personal evolutionary steps and trial and error.

* Merge inner and outer landscapes.​

* Unfold and develop story in paint.