I feel that this technique of painting from deep within the layers of self to be a healing and transformative experience. To Receive this gift from Jassy, a painting technique that anyone can use to learn more about themselves is priceless" Vickstar 
(Participant in 2014 Journey Within program)

"Painting Vision Quests are about finding the treasures and messages within, gathering information from the inside and bringing it into visual existence where it transforms and teaches us at a deep soul level" Jassy

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I invite you to open your heart, soul and imagination and join me on a creative Journey Within.



Intentional Creativity Program

"I believe that intentionally cultivating creativity is taking powerful action towards creating an enriched life. It is also a potent tool for transformation and healing" Jassy


* Your place is not secured until deposit/full payment is received.

*Fees are refundable up to 7 days before workshop date. Deposit is non-refundable.
* Places are very limited and can book out quickly so please book in advance.
* I ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before start time so the circle can be opened with all present.

*Fees include all materials,  take home gift, light refreshments and tuition.
* If you like to use your own materials, please let me know and I will take the material levy off the workshop fee.
* If you are interested in having a Journey Within workshop in your area please contact me as I am willing to travel.


The 2017 Journey Within program is run across Terms ALL RUN ON TUESDAYS and full weekends. All classes include sacred drum journeys, painting and lots of FUN!

TERM 1: MUSE  Feb 14-March7

(weekend class March4th/5th)

The signature class that invites you to access your creative fire. Your Muse is a source of inspiration and can act as a guide for all creative pursuits. Bring her to life on canvas step by step.

TERM 2: WISE WOMAN  May 9-June13 & May 21/22

Meet the Wise Woman within. Discover your unique wisdom and how it can help you in life. What wisdom do you carry? How can you share it with the world? Come and explore in paint.

TERM 3: GAIA DREAMING  July 18-Aug 22

Deepen your connection with Mother Earth, explore the elements and bring your vision of Her to life on canvas. The earth needs us now more than ever and this class serves as a remembering and re-imagining of our sacred relationship with the earth.

TERM 4: TREE WOMAN Oct 10-Nov 14

Mythologies from all over the world speak of a Tree of Life or world tree. In this class you will paint a large tree woman on a timber panel. You will connect with the 3 pillars of Tree Wisdom through intentional creativity practices, visioning and ritual.  

TERM CLASSES  $197 for 6 weeks includes all material and light refreshments.

WEEKEND WORKSHOPS $155 (QLD STUDIO) includes all materials and light refreshments.

Email jassy at: to register.





They are for women wanting to explore their inner artist  in a fun, supportive and non-competitive environment.

They are for creative beings who wish to learn how to access a well of information and inspiration.

They are for artists wishing to deepen and expand their practice. 

​They are for women wanting to deepen their connection to the earth and its cycles.

They are ultimately for any woman who feels the call to create.

  • To get the most out of these classes I ask that you come with an open heart & mind.
  • Classes are taught based on step-by-step Colour of Woman painting method  and intuitive and intentional creative processes. You can read more about that HERE.
  • Each class begins in circle. You are then led by drum on a guided visualisation to access your inner realm that is rich in symbols, messages, information and images that can be used to inform your painting.
  • My approach to this work is courageous, bold, free and sacred. It may also be a little unconventional.
  • We will be working with the powerful image of woman.
  • These classes encourage you to rise above self-doubt and criticism.​
  • Classes are held in Earth Circle Studios - a working eco-studio/gallery, Innes Park, QLD & Fitzroy, Melbourne.
  • You will be invited to submit pieces for the end of Year public art exhibition.


Wanting to tap into an ever-flowing well spring of creativity?

Wondering how to access content from deep within and bring it into form?

Desiring to express and explore the inner you?

Seeking the key to unlock the door to your creative intuition?

Want to paint and create but believe you can't?

Already an artist but seeking new ways of exploring?

Many of us have had our in built desire to express and create oppressed. People tell me all the time they can't draw or paint, let alone be creative. I have even heard young children say 'that they can't do it'. It saddens me because I know that we are all creative, but fear of judgement, criticism, self-doubt...all these things become so strong as we grow they paralyse us from exploring our creativity. 

Do you feel that creative fire burning inside but unsure where to direct it, or even where to start?  Participating in my classes will enable you to create a painting even if you have NEVER painted before. Utilising the practices of Intentional Creativity (TM), which is ultimately about creating with a sense of mindfulness and approaching the canvas as a place for process and possibility will see you awakening your creative potential and coming to recognise the cycles of your creative flow.  I bring the values of love, honour, courage, freedom of expression, empowerment and connection to these classes. While the focus is on the process and not so much about the final outcome, I will share with you skills and techniques that I have learned from my many years of art experience to guide you in bringing an empowered image straight from the heart and soul to life.