Jassy lives in paradise on the Sub-Tropical coast of Queensland Australia.

She is artist, teacher, mother & lover.

Earth warrior, edge walker, dreamer & rebel at heart.

Jassy is a formally trained artist having studied at the Brisbane Institute of Art and Morningside College of Art. She has a strong sense of social responsibility and approaches her art as a form of environmental activism with many of her works exploring ecological themes. Jassy’s paintings give voice to the earth and serve as reminders of an ancient sacred connection between humans and nature. Her images and written works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and published in a number of international journals, magazines, blogs and books. She assists with coordinating Nationwide Earth Arts projects and participates in a diverse range of regional community arts projects, including founding a grass-roots not-for-profit community organization, WWHAG – Wide Bay Women’s Healing Arts Guild.

  As the creatress of Earth Circle Studios, small schools for the alternative arts, in Queensland and Melbourne, Jassy is passionate about providing space that encourages earth connection and self-expression. As a teacher and Intentional Creativity ™ Coach, guiding women and girls on sacred creative journeys designed to inspire, transform and awaken creative self and deepen connections to the earth keeps the fire in her belly burning bright. An adventurous spirit and a love of history have seen Jassy travel to many parts of the world. She teaches nationally and internationally having run retreats in Greece and upcoming in Scotland.

 If she’s not in the studio you’ll find her tending her award winning organic garden or baking raspberry muffins in the kitchen with her little ones. While Jassy is passionate about many things and lives to follow her dreams and to inspire others to do the same, she also seeks to live a simple and humble life with her loves; barefoot and still wearing pyjamas at midday.


 Ever since I could hold a pencil I have been an artist. Two of my favourite smells are playdoh and crayons because they are eternal reminders of my little self that would paint, play and create with pure joy and freedom. I make art because I have to. It is a deep yearning and longing that I cannot ignore. Making art is who I am, and who I have always been. The medium I work in primarily is acrylic, however I spent numerous years training in the Visual Arts as well as working in the art and craft industry, turning my hand to many kinds of creative mediums and methods.  The image that comes to being has a life force of its own and each piece tells a story through image, symbols, word, shape and form.  The art of deep listening, unwavering faith and trust in the process and surrendering to the flow of creative energy are cornerstones to how I approach my work as an artist. 

​I call myself a Contemporary Visionary eARThist because my works not only bring to life or bear witness to other realities or other states of consciousness, they are born out of close observations and explorations of the natural world. They reflect the intersection of both inner and outer worlds and the sacred relationship between humans and nature. The purpose of my art is to aid in the healing of our connection to the earth, to self and to the feminine. The values that I bring to my work include courage, empowerment, strength, nurturance and unity. I am inspired by life, love, beauty , ancient traditions, symbolism, deep ecology, the sacred feminine , myth, ritual and the mysterious.  Historically the relationship between art and the divine is ever-present and I am engaged by this connection in many forms of art, spanning across much of history; from the cave, to the classical to the contemporary.  Art for me is essentially and experience elf the sacred, and i believe it has been since humans made their first marks on cave walls with  tools and colours made form the earth. It is possible according to Aldous Huxley that Visionary images can "offer a gradual awakening to life's underlying holiness". I trust this is so, as it is my personal experience as an artist.