For thousands of years many indigenous cultures from around the world have used the Wheel of the Year, the Medicine Wheel or Dreaming Wheel as a sacred ceremonial centre. The wheel was used as a ritual space to honour the gifts of growth, rites of passage, seasonal changes of Mother Earth and the interconnectedness of all life.

 The Sacred Wheel of the Year is still spiritually significant and you can find it being used in many contexts. The wheel can be used for numerous purposes: ceremony and healing, creating sacred space, to pray, to fast and seek visions, seasonal celebrations, to experience life more fully and gain deeper wisdom and understanding. There is both an outdoor and indoor Medicine Wheel at Earth Circle Studios and they are used for rituals and teachings  in many of the core offerings.


​From humble beginnings selling organic produce, herbs and garden art at local markets and festivals, Earth Circle Studios (formerly Goddesses Garden & Studio) was born. While involved in this work I recognised a need to provide a permanent space that fostered earth connection and creative expression while encouraging creative and sustainable community. 

We are located on the Subtropical coast of Queensland Australia on one lush acre only minutes from the beach. I share the space with my husband and our 4 children, over 20 chooks, Trixie and Eddie the cheeky terriers, Lola the cat and the ducks Penny and Paddles, along with a plethora of wildlife. 

To date the space has hosted many events and workshops from permaculture basics to painting, including international presenters and performers. A feature has always been the abundant organic gardens that saw us recieving winning and runner up places for the Bundaberg regions garden competition in 2011 & 2012. 


Studios are situated in Queensland and Fitzroy, Melbourne and it is from here that I work as a full-time contemporary artist and teach regular creativity classes and workshops for adults and children.  

Life can get so busy that we often forget to create and ignore the value it can bring to our life. My passion is to provide safe space and support for those who desire to connect with their authentic creative spirit. I believe wholeheartedly that creativity is a powerful tool for personal growth and essential for well-being and whole hearted living.

​Whether you are you are a first time artist or experienced there are endless benefits to pursuing your inner artist. I would love to have you join us in creative circle!

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we to do ourselves. All things are bound together, all things connect."

Chief Seattle